Does anyone else want your own tag marks for Inform code?

In the name of organization, I’d kind of like to be able to insert bookmarks or tags that I could then use the Index to sort through. This could be helpful in referencing variables that I always forget, test code that needs to be updated/removed, collect all the disparate bits of code that deal with an issue, etc. I can do some of that with commenting, and then searching for those comment tags, but it would be nice to be able to see them in a list, with the first line or two of code after it, and be able to jump to that code by clicking on the Index link.

If you bring up the find menu, enter a search string, and hit “Find All”, you get a list in which clicking jumps to the source line. (Mac IDE.)

I had already been hopping through my source using the Find function, but I augmented that by simply adding hashtags:

[code]Chapter - Your Living Room


Your Living Room is a room. “A typical starting place for a first IF project.”

[TODO: Cleverly disguise each location so players don’t know it’s really your apartment][/code]

(I also add a lot of TODOs) … ource-text

Status: Started

It might get “loud” but you could also try to use the bookmarking/sections for this:

Section TODO add another room here

Just use Volume Book Part Chapter for “real table of contents” and sections for “loud comments” ? Then when you swap to the table of contents, it will all be there for you…

Hmm, that’s an interesting idea. Thanks!

I’m actually using my own idea along with the Inform7.mode for SubEthaEdit that I tweaked (other thread) and it seems to be working well with that method.

Good luck!