Does anyone else find the titles of the Spider-Man films confusing?

Indeed so! :slight_smile: That’s what I was saying earlier with some of the comic runs where they didn’t even change the overall title. At least the movie titles follow a theme consistent with the comics. Keeping in mind that “Across the Spider-Verse” was originally titled “Across the Spider-Verse Part 1.” What’s now being called “Beyond” was going to be – you guessed it – “Across the Spider-Verse Part 2.”

I honestly don’t think too many people are all that confused, however. Consider something like the original Planet of the Apes movies. You had “Beneath the …”, “Escape from …”, “Battle for …”, “Return to …”, and “Conquest of …” but the vast majority of the title was “the Planet of the Apes.”

Or consider the Jason Bourne movies: “Bourne Identity”, “Bourne Supremacy”, “Bourne Ultimatum”, and “Bourne Legacy”.

I think the bigger question about Spider-Man stuff is how come Sony can get some things so right with it and at other times get it so wrong?

True, and I don’t know why I have such a mental block about the Spider-Man film titles. Perhaps it’s because the bit that’s different is in the middle. If they were just called “Far From Home” and “No Way Home” I don’t think I’d have the same problem. I have a bit of an irrational dislike of colon titles, which is why I’ve never played any of the Vampire: The Masquerade series.


I feel like The Tick sometimes… I miss the little details. :wink: