Does Accelerate still exist on the web?

Both the links on Accelerate’s ifdb page seem to have died.

It looks like mother may have taken down their site the same time they left this board. That’s unfortunate. The file size was really large which is why they hosted it externally instead of on ifdb.

I had it on my phone at one time but removed it because of the size. :confused: Hopefully someone else still has a copy.

It looks like some versions are available on Commits · tavinstitute/xlr8 · GitHub


Nice work. :slight_smile:

To save clicking through github commits, this is the zip file of the last commit before they deleted everything. It’s 109mb compressed and 137mb extracted.

Accelerate archive


Oh, that’s great! Would be a real shame if Accelerate was lost. I remember there were some technical and maybe accessibility fixes during the Comp, which given the timestamp wouldn’t be included, but that’s much better than not having anything.


So, uh, is this runnable? (compilable?)

If I open it up it throws a font-not-found error, tries to speak to amazon web services(?) and loads a bunch of javascript files that are actually binary data in disguise(??)… but maybe I’m missing something.

(Also, in the case it is runnable, should it be uploaded to ifdb, or is this more of a respect-the-author’s-wish-to-disappear kind of situation?)

I seem to have gotten it working using commit d308042f “Zayin”.

It uses absolute paths, so you need to place it at the root of a domain in order for it to load.


As it was submitted to IFComp, the author has as already given their permission for the IFTF to host it, so uploading it to IFArchive should not be a problem.

Please check with the IFComp admins before doing this. They may have already considered this question.

It worked fine for me. I checked it before I linked it.

However I’m running it on my phone, and just like the IFcomp version, it runs like cow patties and is basically not playable on a phone. It renders super slow and the choice list disappears off the bottom of the screen.

I haven’t tried it on a PC, so maybe the desktop browser throws more errors than the mobile browser does. My apologies if I linked a bad version.

It uses absolute paths, so you need to place it at the root of a domain in order for it to load.

Thanks, that got it working.

The IFDB page has been updated with a working download link.


Umm, I don’t know how much I should say here, but wasn’t the author involved in some harassment of another IF community? I assumed that was why the game was taken down, or at least I know that’s why they removed their account here.

The whole thing led to further drama and some (imo) really unfortunate outcomes that soured several younger authors and reviewers on the wider community. My guess was that it was taken down because the author wanted it out of sight for a bit. Regardless of the reasons it seems better to respect people’s wishes on their own work.

I know the incident you speak of, but I’m not sure it really matters. As far as I’m aware, there wasn’t a removal request of IFDB; they just broke the URL. But IFDB is an archive. That’s its purpose. I don’t think it’s the site’s job to worry about whether there is internet drama surrounding a game before hosting it. If the author wants it removed, they should just request its removal.