At the top of the Inform board, there is a topic with the title “The list of Inform 7 documentation (as of 19 Dec 2011)”. I suggest something similar here.

Arguably, there’s less need for such a list, for two reasons. First, there simply isn’t much in the way of 3rd-party tutorials and docs for T3. Second, the reason there isn’t much is because the included documentation is considerably more extensive than the comparable material distributed with Inform 7.

Greynar has set up a wiki (at, but there’s almost nothing there as yet.

If you find that the included documentation is not meeting your needs, either in specific areas or in general, I hope you’ll bring the issues you’re having to our attention! My own initial reaction to T3 (back in 2005) was that the docs desperately needed an overall index. But that was because I hadn’t yet learned my way around. Today I don’t miss having an index. I can generally remember one of the keywords for whatever I’m puzzled about, so I search for that keyword in Learning T3. Either that, or consult the LRM. Learning to use the LRM is, again, something that requires a bit of effort, but it’s a fantastic resource once you understand how it’s set up.

Would it be useful to have a stickied link to the wiki at the top of this subforum?

At a certain point in the future, yes – definitely. But I’d say it would be better to wait until there’s significant content. At the moment it’s pretty much just a stub.