Documentation for Glulx attribute objects etc

I was having trouble parsing a Glulx file and I realised it was because I’d reached an attribute object (type 0x31).

These aren’t documented in the The Glulx Inform Technical Reference, and I can’t find where in the Inform compiler they’re constructed either.

It would be great if that doc could be updated to describe all the Glulx objects, but could someone at least point me to where in the compiler the object is constructed?

The compiler doesn’t generate those. I don’t even remember defining such a thing. Are you sure it isn’t an array of some sort?

Huh. I’d assumed it was an attribute because that’s what was next in the debug xml.

Ahhh, I just realised what it is - it’s the final return that Inform adds. In this function it must be unreachable, so my code hadn’t known to decode it.

Ah, that makes sense. Inform is not very careful about that final return.