Docs on I6 Use of Glulx?

I’m trying to find the documentation on how to implement multiple windows and hyperlinks in Glulx … not for I7 (since the current version of I7 won’t run on my Mac) but for I6.

I’ve looked on Zarf’s pages, specifically here (, and I can’t find anything. The page called “The Game Author’s Guide to Glulx Inform” doesn’t include any information on these topics, and I’m not seeing any other links on the hub page that look promising. I also checked in the DM4, and of course there’s nothing there.

I’m sure this information is out there somewhere. Hope someone can tell me where to find it.


I ran across Gull a while back. It might be a useful jumping off point.

There’s also

Those links are helpful, thanks. Doe’s unglklib file looks to be very useful … except that it Includes infglk. And the latter extension seems to have vanished. It ain’t in the archive, as far as I can see.

Any hints about where it might be found? Does anyone have a copy they’d care to email me?

–JA … glulx.html

It will be a lot more painful to experiment with this stuff in I6 than I7. Dual window I/O, for example, requires hacking the library in numerous places, and this is already done for you by the I7 extension Text Window Input-Output Control. Sending parser error messages to a separate window may also require hacking the I6 library; I’m not sure if there’s a nice hook as there is in I7’s “printing a parser error” activity. And there are simple hyperlink extensions in I7 (Inline Hyperlinks should make experimenting with hyperlinks especially simple) that make using hyperlinks more straightforward than it would be in I6.

The Mac OS problems with 6E72 are not really an obstacle to experimenting with this stuff. 6E59 works fine on 10.5, and the major issues with that release are unlikely to cause you problems (the most severe affects constant lists of more than 127 entries, which don’t crop up in most peoples’ use of the system). All of the extensions I’ve mentioned work under 6E59.


My goal isn’t really “experimenting with this stuff.” My goal is to have a system with which I can do creative work. Using a non-current release of I7 would not feel good.

Right at the moment I’m trying to work out a way to help Andrew Hunter diagnose the problem in 6E72. I’m downloading XCode (which will take all day), and I’m going to see if I can find an XCode programmer here in town who can spare an hour or two helping me set it up and creating a stack trace or whatever the heck I need (clueless: me).

In any event, though, I’m not 100% sure Glulx is what I’m looking for, because with Glulx you’re still dependent on the features of the interpreter, which may be sub-optimal in various ways. I don’t think what I’m looking for exists, actually, and I don’t have the skills I’d need to create it myself.

Kinda bummed about that.


You could always target a specific interpreter, and then offer the game as a packaged download?

eta: nevermind, I think I misunderstood you – you’re saying none of the interpreters can do what you’re looking for?