Docker containers for testing

This might be overkill, but has anyone looked into making Docker containers for building/testing IF? In particular, TADS 3, but I7 as well. I’m being a good developer and putting all my projects on private Gitlab, and it’d be nice to have automated testing for them.

I know it took me a little amount of work to get TADS 3 compilers/runners working on Linux, and some random stabbing to get certain Inform runners to work.

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I think it’s overkill. I can’t think of what using Docker for IF development would get you.

I think it could be useful. It took a bit of work to get Inform 7 working in Travis when we wanted automated tests for Kerkerkruip. A docker image could give you the dev systems as well as multiple interpreters, for example, including multiple copies of Glulx so that you can test both with and without the profiler. It could also come with all the I7 extensions pre-downloaded, from both the public library and Github, and all the libraries for TADS and I6.

One complicating factor for both TADS 3 and Inform 7 is that neither are fully open source (at least on their homepage. Gargoyle has a GPL licensed version of TADS, but I don’t know what differences it has compared to the upstream version.) But maybe that’s not an issue for Docker Hub, I don’t know what their rules are.