do you know this if? driving in a car with your killer

hello, I’m looking for an if game I played some years ago. I didn’t make it very far but I enjoyed it very much and would like to play it again. unfortunately, I forgot its name.
You’re in a car with a driver who has the mission to kill you. you’re always (?) in the car and have to talk him out or something. I think it was part of a competition, I guess on
It has the mood of a film noir flic from the forties. If you know it, please tell me the name, thank you!

It’s possible that you mean shadows on the mirror.

Thanks so much. can’t believe I didn’t find it myself. yesterday, after I wrote the post I looked again through the entries and saw this title and thought, hmmm, that could it be. But then something distracted me and I forgot it again. Thanks again.