do not describe (again) what is on the (thing).


I’ve got a desk. It is a supporter.

the things on the desk are described after you examine it… which sucks because I put it in the description so it’s got a nice flow through it.

I can keep it from being listed (again) when it’s in the room description but is there a way to stop the game from automatically listing things on/in a thing?

does it have anything to do with the “examine supporters rule” ?

SOLVED (i think) the examine supporters rule does nothing. but if i messed up feel free to point it out

Look up “omit contents in listing” in the doc.

The very easiest way to handle this is to use a bracketed reference to the object(s) in question within the supporter’s description. This will set the supported objects as “mentioned”, so the locale description machinery will not repeat it later.


Someplace is a room.

A dresser is in Someplace. “An old but serviceable dresser is set against one wall here[if the hairbrush is on the dresser]. On it lies a forgotten [hairbrush][end if].”

A hairbrush is on the dresser.

test me with “look / take hairbrush / look”[/code]

i did that, but it gave me double listings… it would say what’s on the desk in my bit, and then paragraph break and autogenerate a listing of what’s on the desk.

That’s odd, I get the correct behavior on version 6L38. Are you using the latest Inform 7 version? And does the above example behave as it should if you compile it by itself?