Displaying Text Whenever the Actor Moves

I have a fixture w/ a desc() I am using to do an ‘oxygen level’ check. I would like to perform this check (gameMain.OxygenCheck.desc()) whenever the player enters a room. I’ve tried dobjFor(Move) etc in the player object but that isn’t firing. Is there a way to do this? I don’t want to have to call this check in every single room if I don’t have to.


Hi, try to add this method to your player character object. It will be called just after the player issues the travel command, so ‘travel1’ will be printed before look around in the new room. But when you use reportAfter macro, it’s text ‘travel2’ will be said after room look around.

rememberTravel(origin, dest, backConnector) { inherited(origin, dest, backConnector); say('travel1'); reportAfter('travel2'); }

Perfect! Thanks so much, that will save me from redundant code / maintenance hell!