Display text before game starts with AdvLite3


Long ago I started something with Adv3, which I’m converting to AdvLite3.
In the original game, there’s a block of text displaying before anything in the game starts, which was located in gameMain, in a function called titlePage();

I can’t find how to do that in AdvLite3, so pointers would be quite welcome.


In AdvLite3, use showIntro() in your gameMain. Something like this:gameMain: GameMainDef showIntro() { clearScreen(); "Opening text...\b"; } ;
– Mike


Thanks, I know of and use showIntro(), and it displays whatever is in it post start. What I mean is displaying a text, a box or whatever, prior to the game itself starting, i.e. without the banner line, prompt, etc. Unless the clearScreen(); actually takes care of that, which I’m going to try.

Ah, the only thing I can think of is creating your own PreinitObject and put your text in the Execute() function. Something like:

InitialText : PreinitObject execute() { "Text to display before anything else... "; inputManager.pauseForMore(); } ;Haven’t tested this and there might be a better way, but maybe it’ll lead you down the right track.

– Mike

Worked perfectly, thank you :wink: