"Display figure" not centering the image

There’s a question at IF Answers about centering images. 23.6 in the manual says

But when I try this, and run it in WinGlulxe, the image shows up on the left side.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

I believe the documentation is in error. If you want to center an image you need to use an extension, which uses text styles to tell the interpreter to center it.

Thanks. Hmm. I just tried adding

Include Glulx Image Centering by Emily Short.

And get the following error:

I’m guessing this extension isn’t compatible with the rewritten Glulx Text Effects.

Oh, and it looks like it’s already reported:


I tested the current extension with Inform 7 build GM62 and it seems to be working fine in current state.

"FigureImageAlignA" by "Community"

The story genre is "Other". The release number is 1.  [genre: https://intfiction.org/t/defining-the-story-genre/4615/1 ]
The story headline is "Glulx technical demonstration".

[ Inform 6M62 has Version 4 of this built in?]
Include Glulx Image Centering by Emily Short.

==  Images / Photographs / Drawings / Figures / Illustrations
       Install these in the Inform materials folder name "Figures".
       The images are somewhat large so that cropping behavior with the 'side window' can be seen. A mix of gif, png and jpg was used to just to have some technical variety. 

       gif format is formally disallowed in the Blorb distribution, reference: https://intfiction.org/t/inform-7-ide-allows-figures-to-be-png-jpg-gif-no-release-gif/10598/1

Figure field-illustration is the file "field.png".
Figure duck-illustration is the file "duck.png".
Figure gopher-snapshot is the file "gopher.jpg".

Showing the picture is an action out of world. Understand "picture" as showing the picture.

Carry out showing the picture:
	say "Here is a duck. 'display' was issued without any conditions.";
	display figure duck-illustration.

Showing the pic2 is an action out of world. Understand "pic2" as showing the pic2.

Carry out showing the pic2:
	say "Here is a duck. 'display' was issued with 'centered'.";
	display figure duck-illustration centered.

Place is a room. "Commands: picture, pic2.  Technical Warning: To do this, 'Glulx Image Centering' uses up the first of the two available custom user text styles, defining it to be center-justified. There can be many uses for these two user text styles and they are a scarce resource.".

I tested this on current Quixe… it does put CSS tags on each HTML IMG tag, “ImageInlineUp” vs “ImageInlineCenter”, but it doesn’t seem to actually display them any different that I can see.

The CSS file says

.ImageInlineDown {
  vertical-align: text-top;

.ImageInlineUp {
  vertical-align: text-bottom;

.ImageInlineCenter {
  vertical-align: middle;

If you go to eblong.com/zarf/glulx/quixe/quix … .gblorb.js and type IMAGE, you get a demo of this.