Display [...] centered [SOLVED]

I’m using the Glulx Image Centering by Emily Short extension, but the following code won’t show me a centered image using Gargoyle.

After examining the papers: display figure of coil centered.

Gargoyle is the only terp I have installed, so I can’t check it on others. Is this a Gargoyle or a code issue?

Techs: I’m (still) using release 6E72.

It’s a Gargoyle issue. The Glk implementation doesn’t support the alignment style hints.


Not sure you should be thanking me, but you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Well, I thank the messenger even when insulting the message. Sometimes, at least :slight_smile:

[size=85]Yes, but I think Ben is the current gargoyle maintainer… :wink: [/size]

I know, and I hesitated between “Hey, what are you waiting for, you [multitude of curses right here]?” and “Thanks for the info! Now I know I don’t need to find out what’s wrong with the code!”

Being in a good mood, the later won :wink:
Ok, the truth is I like Gargoyle a lot, and so I refrained from going further than bringing the issue up. I know the thing will get done when it has a chance.[/size]