Discoverer's Digest November Issue

I don’t know if it’s on my end, but the page doesn’t load for me. It brings up a pdf-looking website but just a gray page within, no content is loading. I’ve reloaded a few times. Just an FYI. I’ll check on it later.

Yes, the Internet is hammering that server right now. It should load in, say, 30 seconds or so. Thanks for your patience!

Also, you can hit the download icon to download it inmediately.

Hey, This sounds great, do you have a twitter account promoting this? (to share in my spanish networks of @textualizame)

Hi Ruber,

Sure, my Twitter account is @cooperstevenson. Also, if anyone would like to translate I would be happy to provide a Spanish language version for you!

I’ve included a project template,, in the document to make it easier for you to create a GPS-based project.