Discover what actions are already built in

I see that if I type “hug [person]” or "kill [person] I get a built in response.

But if I want to add other commands to the same built in action, eg.

Understand "cuddle [someone]" as hugging.

I get an error that seems to say it doesn’t know what “hugging” is. And I have a similar problem with hitting or killing.

Rather than stabbing in the dark, how can I find the root action that the commands are bound to?

There’s a few ways to do this. One way is to start the game, type “actions,” and then type your command:

[code]>hug me
[kissing yourself]
You don’t get much from that.
[kissing yourself - failed the kissing yourself rule]

kill me
[attacking yourself]
Violence isn’t the answer to this one.
[attacking yourself - failed the block attacking rule][/code]

Another is to go the Index tab of the IDE, go to the Actions tab of that, go to the Commands tab of that, and find your command:

So anyway, your actions are kissing and attacking.

This is pretty much exactly what the Index is for. Go to the “Actions” tab and click on an action. You’ll see the grammar line(s) that determine which commands go with that action right up top.

Also, as matt w pointed out, you can go to Actions -> Commands to check from the other direction, starting with a specific command and finding out what action it goes to.

Ah, you guys are right, there ARE a number of ways to find this out, and I’ve just been exploring them - thank you :slight_smile: