Disambiguation (adv3Lite)

This is an odd failure on the part of the parser. I have no idea how to fix it. I can’t blur the answer to the third command, as the forum interface doesn’t allow spoiler blurring within quoted blocks. I don’t think it’s a spoiler that Flogg and Grabby have desks, as that location is easy to find.

>look under desk
Which do you mean, Grabby’s desk or Flogg’s desk?

Phineas Flogg doesn’t appear to have any desk.

>look under flogg's desk
Mounted on the underside of the desktop is a small metal button.

What’s happening here is that “flogg’s desk” is understood, because there is definitely such an object in scope. But the disambiguation question/answer gives a bad output.

Normal disambiguation is one thing, but in this case I think something special may be needed. Suggestions would be welcome!

It’s only an hunch, but if the ancient “jill’s box” issue, harking back since the days of TADS 2.1, is acting up again ?

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

I don’t really know what’s going on under the hood in the parser, but it seems to work if you explicitly supply the owner with “owner = <insert NPC here>”, like this:

+ flogg: Actor 'Phineas Flogg'

+ grabby: Actor 'Grabby'

+ floggsdesk: Surface, Heavy 'Flogg\'s desk'
    "This is Flogg's desk. "
    owner = flogg

+ grabbysdesk: Surface, Heavy 'Grabby\'s desk'
    "This is Grabby's desk. "
    owner = grabby


>x desk
Which do you mean, Grabby’s desk or Flogg’s desk?

This is Flogg’s desk.


Thanks. I’ll give it a try.