Disambiguating Gonear/abstract

“gonear” by Andrew Schultz

[code]room 0 is a room. room 1 is a room. room 2 is a room.

l-l-1 is a privately-named thing in room 1. printed name of l-l-1 is “light switch”. understand “light switch” as l-l-1.

l-l-2 is a privately-named thing in room 2. printed name of l-l-2 is “light switch”. understand “light switch” as l-l-2.

test dis with “abstract light switch to 0”


The test above produces a disambiguation. I could create a section as follows:

[code]section abbrevs - not for release

understand “ls2” as l-l-2.

test dis2 with “abstract ls2 to 0”

This works but feels like a silly hack. So I was interested in how to make disambiguation work in general for an i6-based command such as gonear. I couldn’t quite figure what to do with tests.i6t. Is there an easy way?


You could drop the “privately-named”. That would be the easy way out. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, you’d have to use an extension like – er, whichever one offers numbered disambiguation.

Ah, thanks…I don’t like having odd names that could be guessed, however bizarrely. I was hoping there was a way to do so without pulling an extension in.

I hadn’t considered the disambiguation extensions. They extensions intimidated me before but I bet they’ll make a ton more sense now.

I try not to add one unless it does multiple important things for me, but in this case, it is at the very least worth understanding the logic in them. Thanks!