Disabling the story title - authorial modesty for the story


Is there a way to disable displaying the story title, author and Inform7 details. Something like the authorial modesty, but for the story itself ? (of course, only for own stories :slight_smile: h

In some cases it is not needed when played from web.

Thank you,

Look at section 17.35 of the documentation; though as that page notes, it’s courteous to print the banner text sometime, so that Inform 7 is acknowledged. (Stephen Granade’s Extended Banner extension allows you to change the banner, though I don’t know if it works with the most recent builds.)

True, but if played from a web site all that information can be presented without being printed by the game.

It’s not exactly common to acknowledge the programming language one has used to make a program, is it? :slight_smile:

Lots of the flash games I play do start with a splash screen for Flixel or Stencyl. Anyhow, I can amend this for “The documentation requests that you put the banner in somewhere, though whether that request is reasonable is another question.”

Fixel’s not a language.