Disabling Parenthetical Clarifications?

I’m reworking a lot of stuff to make a fairly custom presentation for dealing with actions and items which makes the parenthetical clarifications look kind of silly. What I mean by the parenthetical clarifications are things like:

eat apple
(first taking the apple)

Is there a way to eliminate those from displaying? What are those called?

That particular one is printed by the “implicitly taking” activity. You can add a new rule to make it do what you want, or put in a “do nothing” rule instead (which will result in “You aren’t holding the apple.” or something similar).

Oh, I certainly want the apple to still be taken… I’d just rather not have it say so. Now that I know these are “implicitly” activities, I can try to fiddle with it… we’ll see if I can figure that out hehe.

Ok, that was easy once the term was clear… there’s even a direct example of changing that line right on the page about implicitly doing things!

There seems to be another parenthetical that can occur, after disambiguating an item, (I think that’s what it is) it lists what item specifically was selected like:

look apple
Which do you mean the 1) red apple or the 2) green apple

(the red apple)

I’m using Numbered Disambiguation Choices but I don’t think that this extension is to blame for this behavior, it just makes it more likely to come up often.

I’m not so sure that is an “implicitly” activity, but of course I don’t know much. What is that one and how can it be altered?

Well, I actually found this one!

It’s “clarifying the parser’s choice” and can be eliminated by:

Rule for clarifying the parser's choice of something:
	rule fails;

I don’t know if anyone else will find that helpful, but the all of my items have descriptive text which prints in different and natural-sounding ways in different context, so having this parenthetical line above just seems entirely redundant. I can’t believe I found this… ha.

Wait, really? I thought clarifying the parser’s choice was only used to say something like (the blue button) if the command was unclear. Good to know!

I think these are the same thing… both circumstances, though they look different on the surface, are clarifying the parser’s choice… pretty sure, because that rule above has made it never happen again in any situation.

No it hasn’t. I just tried it.

Draconis is correct here. Unless the Numbered Disambiguation Choices extension is changing things. (I haven’t tested that case.)