Directory Error in Inform7

I have found a possible directory error in Inform7.

First, I am running Netrunner 13.12, a Linux Distro. I downloaded gnome-inform7_6L02-0ubuntu1_i386.deb, installed it, and was quite eager to begin toying with Inform7.

I opened the program up, clicked “Start a New Project,” and went to select the Directory for where I wanted my project and wham. Crashed instantly. No crash report or warning, it just closed.

I tried again several more times, and even even tried a few workarounds. Nothing seems to work.

If you could possibly help me, that would be great. I also apologize if this has been answered before(I did not find it in my Google searches) and if this is in the wrong sub-forum.

Thank you.

Anything? I haven’t found anything new in my searches to help me.

Try running it from a terminal window and see if any error is printed when inform crashes.