Direction problem

Ah, the joys of learning a new language…

I’m having a perplexing problem with the I7 interpreter/parser. After setting up my map and rooms/directions, trying to move out of one specific room is throwing an odd error. The Index->World info says that my connections are correct, and moving west from the room should lead to the desired room. But here’s the output with ACTIONS ON:

[going west]
[(1) going north]
You can’t go that way.
[(1) going north - failed the can’t go that way rule]

[going west - failed the can’t go that way rule]

My first thought was some sort of room connection ambiguity that the compiler didn’t catch, but everything looks okay, and as I said the world map shows the correct connection. Before I start deconstructing my map room by room, or posting a slew of code… What would cause the above output? Why would it suddenly try to go north? And what does the (1) signify?

You may want to post the code referring to the directions of that room. It would help us out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try with RULES on as well. Most likely you have a misbehaving rule that redirects the going action.


Yeah, that was lazy of me. So was posting before putting in appropriate debugging time… I just tracked it down to a bad Instead clause. In another room I had a line reading Instead of going west, try going north. I neglected to add an “in the room” clause and the rule went global on me.

So, I guess the (1) must mean it’s the first in a try attempt.

My apologies all. I’ll resist the urge to post so quickly in days to come.

But on a pleasant note, it’s nice to see people responding so quickly in here!

Good to see it’s resolved!

The (1) indicates how it was called. If an action has no number it was called by the parser, if it has a (1) it was called by a rule on a parser action, if it has a (2) it was called by a rule on a (1) action, and so on. It can be really useful in cases like this: the (1) indicates that it’s being redirected by a rule, not the parser.