Digit's pierogi recipe (and other Spring Thing notes from Joey)

Congratulations to all the Spring Thingers for making this year’s festival such a large and vibrant celebration of our art; and of course for your wonderful games. I’ve enjoyed every one that I’ve played, which is almost all of them (still getting to the back garden). If anyone’s wondering where my reviews are, I’ll probably start posting them to IFDB tomorrow, perhaps two per day so as not to flood the place. But if you’re an author in need of quicker feedback (maybe planning a post-comp release?), feel free to DM me and I’ll get the review to you right away.

Now, for the reason you’re really here. It’s the recipe for the lavender blueberry pierog as featured in Digit! As the recipe says:

These eye-catching dessert pierogi deliver a complex mix of sweet and bitter flavors that are sure to excite and delight the senses! Full of booze and dripping with decadent browned butter, they make for a special, adult treat. The lavender takes center stage with its strongly herbaceous flavor, imparting a beguiling aroma that will linger on your breath. These pierogi are exceptional for sharing with a friend or for enjoying as a solitary pleasure.

The above zip file contains two versions of the recipe: one that is packed with vague innuendo, and one that is not. When I finish a post-comp release of the game, the recipe will be included in that package as well.

If anyone decides to make these pierogi, I’m very interested in hearing what you think!