Dig this

[code]The mound of dirt is a thing in Cemetery.

Shoveling is an action applying to one visible thing.

Understand “shovel” as shoveling.

Understand “use spade” as shoveling.

Instead of shoveling:
say “You hastily dig the shovel into the mound of dirt beside the open grave, tossing dirt into the grave until the monster, still admiring his daffodil, is completly covered. You have defeated the curse of Dr. Frankenstein’s haunted house!”;
end the story.[/code]

But whenever I type “shovel dirt” I get:
I only understood you as far as wanting to shovel.

I thought my code was pretty straight-forward.

Currently your code only understands “shovel” as an intransitive verb. You have to say, Understand “shovel [something]” as shoveling.

Thanks. That worked. I had tried:

Understand “shovel [noun]” as shoveling.

And that didn’t work.

And you’ll want to limit what can be shoveled with a check rule.

Check shoveling something:
—if the noun is not the mound of dirt:
------say “You don’t want to use the shovel on that.” instead.

OK, thank again. Do I include that “instead”?

Yes. Otherwise it’ll say that and then try to dig whatever it is anyway.