Differences between perlblorb and cblorb

I’ve been using perlblorb to create the blorb file for Uninvited. Moving on, I think I should start using cblorb instead because of all the new features in it. I’m particularly interested in getting this hashed out because I plan to include cblorb in the new Inform6 unix package. I’ve had a few problems dealing with cblorb that I’m not sure are deficiencies in it or user error. Here are the first few lines from the blurb file in Uninvited:

storyfile "uninvited.z5" include
sound Bark              "sound/dogbark.aiff"
sound Cathedral         "sound/cathedral.aiff"
sound DoorClose         "sound/doorclose.aiff"

This works fine with perlblorb, but when processed with cblorb I get this:

! cBlorb 1.2 [executing on Sunday 4 November 2012 at 14:39.15]
! The blorb spell (safely protect a small object as though in a strong box).
uninvited.blurb, line 2: Error: not a valid blurb command: 'sound Bark         "sound/dogbark.aiff"'
uninvited.blurb, line 3: Error: not a valid blurb command: 'sound Cathedral    "sound/cathedral.aiff"'
uninvited.blurb, line 4: Error: not a valid blurb command: 'sound DoorClose    "sound/doorclose.aiff"'

If I replace the word after the “sound” keyword with a number, then cblorb will accept that line. I’m not sure how Inform7 deals with this, but being able to refer to a sound as “Bark” instead of “03” is vital in Inform6. It seems that the ability to produce Inform6 code to assist with this was not implemented when translating from perlblorb to cblorb. Am I right?

This is the entry in the syntaxes table: { "sound N \"filename\"", "sound %d \"%[^\"]\" %n", OPS_1NUMBER_1TEXT, FALSE } So cBlorb is in fact looking for a number. You should file a bug on Mantis, since the description of the blurb language in the cBlorb manual reads thus:

Bug report filed!