Dialog games crashing in Filfre

A beta tester reported my game crashing repeatedly in Filfre. I downloaded Filfre and checked, and another small game of mine as well as the games Impossible Bottle and D’arkun crash in Filfre as well.

I’m not sure why this would happen, since those games worked fine in Parchment and Gargoyle. Can anyone think of a reason this would happen?

Well, the main reason is, Filfre is pretty old and not updated. I’d put it in the same bucket as with Zoom, meaning – if you use it today with games written after it was made, you have to accept the risk of bugs or crashes (…bugs and crashes you wouldn’t expect if you were using another interpreter that has stayed current).


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It would be good to work out exactly what’s the issue so that we can include it in the Praxix unit test. I’m assuming that Praxix does pass in Filfre already?


My game and test game crashed when examining things. Impossible Bottle crashes as soon as you exit the starting convo. D’Arkun crashes in the first room description with a heap overflow that it tries to undo and fails.