Dialog editors

I just learned of an interesting dialog editor released this year – from their promo copy, “Chat Mapper is a new, high quality, easy to use tool for writing and testing nonlinear dialogue, especially for video games.”.


The more full-featured license isn’t free, but it looks like it could be useful.

Since I haven’t heard of many tools like this (there’s the old Neverwinter Nights editor, but I’m drawing a blank for others) I’m also curious if anyone knows of dialog editors like this.

eta: And I randomly found another one: ninjaportal.com/NinjaPortal/UDE.html

Just wanted to add another editor WIP I came across:

superfriendshipclub.com/forum/vi … =143#p1553

hey, forgive the question if its stupid, but i was checkin out the links above, and just wondering how one would utilize these things in Inform7? do u put em in like extensions? sorry, newbie here. :question:

No, these tools aren’t intended for a particular IF system such as I7. However you potentially could take their output and put it into a format that an I7 extension could use.

kk thnx! :smiley:

Has anyone worked out yet a translation between any of ChatMapper’s output to become an Inform& script?

I know this is a super old topic. But in case anyone finds this as I did through Googling for “non-linear dialogues” and “branching dialogues”… There’s a great tool called BranchTrack (dot com), built specifically for that. It also output to JSON so it can be used as backend by game designers.