Develop a website to host current IF for comps and jams

I have unused server space that I would like to put to good use.

I would like the capability to host and play games (z-code, glulx, TADS) on the site. Parchment looks like it would fit the bill for the interpreter. Maybe Lectrote for the site? Something similar to but with the ability to host games at least for the duration of a comp.

It is an Ubuntu sever but I could also set up straight Debian. I would like some direction on a direction to go.

Thank you, Jeff


Lectrote is just Parchment+Quixe+some other interpreters wrapped up in an app shell.

I think it would be easiest to concentrate on hosting game files, and use external links to for the gameplay.

However, hosting game files isn’t simple. Look at all the stuff does:

  • Allow authors to log in
  • Allow authors to upload game files
  • Authors can set metadata (title, description, content warnings, cover art, …)
  • List groups of games
  • Voting

It’s a substantial project, is what I’m saying.


A couple of years ago, I had games hosted on a server that somehow linked back to iplayif and they ran well. The iplayif owner provided a link format that ran the games. That worked for the first TADS Jam.

I have lost that. Do you know the owner/author of iplayif?

Thanks, Jeff

It’s our own @Dannii Willis. The Parchment repo encompasses not just Parchment the Inform7 template, but the code for the IPlayIF site. And constructing an IPlayIF link to play a game, given the URL of a publicly web-accessible game file, is straightforward and documented. The front page of IPlayIF even has a form that’ll build the link for you.


If you just want to host some games on your site, Parchment is likely a great solution.

I note that aside from IFComp and Spring Thing, which each have their own dedicated sites, the vast majority of comps and jams on IFDB are hosted on

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I have used a fair amount.

I am entering a punyinform game into Jam #3. It is straight z-code. I am looking for a solution to having games hosted in a playable manner. Currently that option is unavailable on Borogrove.

I am looking to make an alternative.

Thank you, Jeff

Just note that Parchment wiki page is super out of date and some of the options don’t exist anymore.

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I have hosted a few PunyInform games on using Parchment. It’s a bugger of a thing to set up and I’m not 100% happy with the end result, but it is doable.

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I guess this project is on the back burner until I complete my game in progress. I have two more in the works after that.

Thanks to all.

I was able to set up my server where selecting a game file will play it through iplayif.

Good indeed. Thank you all, especially @Dannii Willis for providing this service.