Design question: hyperlinks or suggested commands?

This is mostly a philosophical question about command-line games. Is it better to give the player hyperlinks, or to give the player a dynamically-updated list of suggested commands?

Hyperlinks, pro:
Requires no knowledge of command line
Can move very quickly through the story

Hyperlinks, con:
Player does not learn how to use command line; relies on hyperlinks; can’t go off the path
Hyperlinks must be left at all significant branches of plot or game becomes linear
Hyperlinks may not work equally well in all interpreters
Players who rely on hyperlinks will never find content unless pointed explicitly to it
Harder to keep secrets, encourage creative thinking when all commands are hyperlinked

Suggested commands, pro:
Player is constantly exposed to, and is encouraged to reproduce, correct command line syntax
List of suggested commands implies non-linear gameplay

Suggested commands, con:
Not all suggested commands can be useful or context-sensitive; while DROP KEY is a possible move, it is likely not a helpful one
Typing commands is slower than clicking a link
Some players will get stuck anyway

What’s your take on this?

I would view hyperlinks as something to be used for movement, obvious actions, and things not related to problem solving.

Problem solving, at least this old school parser IF fan, should be left to the player’s free will and imagination (to the degree IF can offer an open world feel).

I enjoy both styles. In the end, it comes down to which you envisage is better for your game.