Description not showing at startup

I have been working on a room for a starting room. but now that I have all the room things added the description refuses to show up. here is what I have so far…
The Bedroom is a room. “You are in a sleepy but familiar room. There is an exit on the east wall. The only other exit from the room would be a small window in the north wall.”

The bed is in the Bedroom. “A king size bed is here which is unmade.”

The nightstand is in the Bedroom. “Next to the bed is a cluttered nightstand.”

Instead of taking the nightstand:
say “It springs to life and slaps your hand as you try to pick it up.”

Instead of examining the nightstand:
say “He’s ruggedly handsome.”

The pile of clothes is in the Bedroom. “There is a pile of clothes scattered about on the floor as well as other assorted junk.”

Instead of taking the pile of clothes:
say “You rummage through the revolting pile of dirty laundry until you find a tie-dye t-shirt and a pair of jeans that appear clean and smell alright (for the most part).”

The tie-dye t-shirt is in the pile of clothes. The tie-dye t-shirt is wearable.

The pair of jeans is in the pile of clothes. The pair of jeans is wearable.

The dresser is in the Bedroom. “On the opposite side of your room, is a dresser. On it are the assorted bits of miscellany you’ve emptied out of your pockets every night for as long as you can remember.”

The dresser is a supporter.

Some money is on the dresser.

The wallet is on the dresser. The wallet is a container.

The TV is in the Bedroom. “The TV has been angled for absolutely perfect viewing.”

Instead of switching on the TV:
say “You turn on the television and hear the following pre-recorded message, ‘The city is under military siege, please remain indoors until further notice.’ You turn the set off when the message begins to repeat itself.”

Instead of examining the TV:
say “A standard portable television set that picks up local channels real well.”

Instead of taking the TV:
say “You do not need to do that to complete this game.”

The ceramic plant holder is in the Bedroom. “Next to the TV is a ceramic plant holder filled with soil.”

Instead of examining the plant holder:
say “He ignores you.”

Instead of taking the plant holder:
say “No way, Jose.”

The small mirror is in the Bedroom. “On the wall is a small mirror.”

Instead of examining the mirror:
say “The mirror is simply, a piece of glass surrounded by a wooden frame.”

Instead of taking the mirror:
say “Aaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…”

The calendar is in the Bedroom. “A calendar is setting on the dresser.”

Instead of examining the calendar:
say “Today is May 17, 2024.”

Before taking the calendar:
say “You pick it up.”

The travel poster is in the Bedroom. “A travel poster hangs on the wall.”

Instead of examining the travel poster:
say “The only word on the poster is ‘Tunesia’.”

Instead of taking the travel poster:
say “That is not necessary.”

The light switch is in the Bedroom. “You can also see a light switch next to a door in the east wall.”

The Hallway is east of the Bedroom. "You are in a vast hallway. The hardwood floor

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Hey! I figured it out. My inform was just paging down to a new page because I had so many items in the room. I’ll try to cut some items out or figure how to do this in 2 rooms.
Sorry for any trouble. I caught this by pasting in the items one at a time util I got near the bottom.
Thanks anyway.

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