Description Issue!

I will just post what I’ve written below, and the error that comes with it to start.

“Ice” by Matthew Hall

The Hydroponic Center is a room. The description of the Hydroponic Center is “Rows upon rows of ground hugging fungi awaiting impregnation with this season’s grafts. Above you is a high and reflective dome. The ‘suns’ have been set for optimal work lighting, instead of optimal growth.”

When play begins, say

"From the memior of Anzo Allgood:

[italic type]'How did it come to pass that I, Anzo Allgood, would be standing atop this hillcrest about to attack a giant beast I have never known the likes of with a spear, or ‘spar’ as Ga-nor calls it. It is a weapon, I think, better suited for stabbing fruit off of citrus trees like we used to do in the orange grotto as children! But the acrid taste from my memory reminds me only too well of how hungry I am now, nearly a month without food. I wonder a moment about how the others are faring and if they’ve fixed the elevator.

Ga-nor calls the hairy giants ‘big ones,’ and tells me that we need to find an sick one to kill or, ‘our heads go stompy.’ I think he means that his people only ever hunt weak ones. Even from up here I can tell that their tusks are sharp. We spy the group eating something dark and slimy off the crust of the ice field below. It seems an age since that morning. My wife and I were tending the fields…’

[roman type]‘Ho! Anzo!’ You and your wife look up to see Marlin, huffing and puffing, bent over and resting his hands on his knees. Sweating profusely, he rights himself while simultaneously shaking his head and splattering you both with sweat. You exchange a look with your wife, you never liked Marlin.

‘Anzo,’ He pauses to respect your wife, ‘Dalmatia,’ he nods. 'Anzo, the Honored are to assemble before the counsel, at once.

Having given the news, he turns to spread it elseware. ‘Wait, Marlin,’ shouts Dalmatia, what has happened?’

‘I don’t know, but Anzo should hurry, he is nearly the last I’ve spoken to.’ With that Marlin is off. You exchange another look, but this time, one of worry. The Honored have never been called to assemblage.

‘I’ll meet you at home,’ says Dalmatia, and she runs off to the west toward the children’s school. You turn north."

The Education Sector is a room. The children’s school is a room. The Habitation Sector and the Public Sector are rooms. Home is a room.

The children’s school is east of the Education Sector. Home is west of the Habitation Sector.

North of the Hydroponic Center is the Habitation Sector. West of the Hydroponic Center is the Education Sector. East of the Hydroponics Center is the Public Sector.

Ok, now for the error that is driving me nuts:

Problem. You wrote '"From the memior of Anzo Allgood:

[…] children’s school. You turn north."’ , but in another sentence ‘The description of the Hydroponic Center is “Rows upon rows of ground hugging f […] ghting, instead of optimal growth.”’ : but this looks like a contradiction, because the same property seems to be being set in each of these sentences, but with a different outcome.

I have changed the original text around a bunch (originally I gave some directions in the room description, but that seemed to be an issue). But it still won’t work. Is there a way to tag some text as just “story” so that I7 ignores it? Why the heck is it giving me issues? I think it basically thinks that I am describing the room “Hydroponics Center” twice.

Remove the blank line after say. Blank lines are (usually) not ignored in I7. Changing it to: When play begins, say "From the memoirs of..." … works fine.

Another neat way to do this is by using the format:

The story description is "XXxyyyyyXXXXyyyy."

and then:

When play begins: say "[story description][paragraph break]".
This comes in handy in many ways, including the tweaking of (i.e.) Emily Short’s Menus Systems.

Arg! Such a silly, simple fix. Thanks very much. And thanks, too for the idea about using substitution [ ]s. That will come in handy.

I have a follow up question, if you don’t mind. I would like to try and make NPC conversation more organic than the typical text based game format (the whole, try a bunch of key words thing). My idea is to start a scene every time a player uses “talk to [NPC]” that gives him options to choose from. The option choices lead to different responses from the NPC (I obviously didn’t invent this method of NPC conversation). For example:

  1. Hi there, I’m Joe Player

  2. Nevermind

Selecting 1. would lead to:

“Yeah, I’m Cindy, whaddya want?”

  1. Well, um…I’m looking for this thing…

  2. Cindy, huh? You sure got an attitude.

  3. Cindy, you seem a little tense, what’s on your mind?

That sort of thing.

Is using a scene in I7 a good idea or tool for this way of conversing? Any other ways that could be different/better than this (but still more organic than "tell NPC about onions; “I don’t know anything about that,” etc.) ?

The easiest way is to go to … ted_Things and download either Quip-Based Conversation, Reactable Quips or Simple Chat. Each of them should do what you described, so pick the one that looks easiest to use and most suitable to your needs.