Deprivation hints?

I haven’t been able to get to the end of the first day in Deprivation, an IntroComp entry by Michael Coorlim. I feel a little bad voting for it without being able to finish the intro! Anyone have any hints? Nothing I do seems to advance the clock or allow me to fall asleep.

I don’t really know what triggered what, but here’s what I did:

watched TV, tried eating cake, drank milk, took a shower with my clothes on, looked at my emails, sent texts, >sleep

My second play through, I got to the end by just

showering then watching tv, changed to the interesting movie

It was the 2nd that triggered the end. I actually tried the second one first, then #1, and I couldn’t sleep. But the reverse worked.

Hm, that didn’t quite work for me: TAKE SHOWER caused me to take my clothes off first, and watching TV didn’t help me sleep.

But then, I tried to eat the cake, then went back into the bathroom, where TAKE SHOWER caused me to shower again but with my clothes on. Then I went and watched TV again and was able to fall asleep.

I tried to come up with a minimal walkthrough, but I couldn’t quite figure out what causes what. I wonder if there is some randomness?