Delightful Wallpaper Mullings (SPOILERS)

I’ve wondered a couple things about Delightful Wallpaper. Maybe they’ve been answered on the newsgroup, but if so, I missed it.

  1. Why’d he name the game Delightful Wallpaper?

It’s quirky and catchy, but when I read the list of entered games before playing it (even several times), it was one I nearly dismissed.

Maybe it’s because the PC has to do some difficult, distasteful things, but they’re no bother to him/her at all. The quality of the wallpaper is mentioned in several rooms. Does the title reflect the PC’s attitude? It’s all in a day’s work, and the most interesting thing about his job is the wallpaper?

  1. Who is the PC?

I thought it was fate – or death, predetermination, luck – some such concept embodied. Stephen Bond’s review points to the PC as a writer of Goreyesque verse. I like that explanation, but does it fit in with the first half? I’m not familiar with Gorey, so perhaps it does. For the PC to be a writer and the game to be his imagination (which if true would be another “it was all a fantasy” twist that so many people have been really down on this year), would the first half be setting up the story framework and the second half be detailing the plot?

What do you all think about these things? I could ask in the newsgroup, but I’m kind of fond of brainstorming about it here first. :slight_smile:

Point 1: I never actually thought about it. It was one of those “oh, he’s called it a silly name. Hmmm…” and I figured if there was a reason for it, it’d be explained at the end (which I didn’t get to).

Point 2: A ghost? That was my initial reaction based on the fact that I couldn’t pick up any items and couldn’t open any doors… or do pretty much anything that required physical action. But as I was carrying a notebook, maybe not. It wouldn’t surprise me if the origins of the PC had been left deliberately vague in order to allow the player the option of deciding things for themselves.

For a sample of Gorey, see

Wow - I can totally see the influence. No wonder people who are familiar made the connection right away.