delaying time between 2 actions

is it possible to get a delay between actions without getting an addon for inform7?

Instead of opening the Dekontaminationskabine:
say “Es zischt laut, und müde quitschend gleitet die Tür der Kabine auf.”;
now geraeusche is true;
now a random person who is kontaminiert is in the dekontaminationskabine;
IS IT possible to add an Command so that in this position i can let some secconds pass to get a delay between the Commands above and below?
say "Du springst zurück denn direkt als du die Tür öffnest, stolpert [inhalt] an dir vorbei in die Kabine… ";
now Maschinenkern is gruen;

If you want the game itself to pause or wait a few seconds before giving the next prompt, you’ll need an extension for that. Technically, you could code the functionality in yourself, but that’s a lot of work for no real gain when others have done it for you already.

Inform 7 extensions can be installed into Inform 7 to add new commands. The Real Time Delays extension by Eric Temple provides a command to pause for a certain number of milliseconds. It is only compatible with Glulx. To install it:

  1. Download the extension … Delays.i7x
  2. Install the extension in Inform 7 by using the “install extension” option from the file menu and selecting the download.
  3. Include the extension in your story by adding the line:
Include Real-Time Delays by Erik Temple.

You can now use a command in your Inform 7 story to pause the story for 1000ms (1 second):

Wait 1000 ms before continuing.

If you want the game to interrupt the player N seconds after the given input, that is also possible. But harder.

If you just want an action to occur N turns after the given turn, that’s much easier. See chapter 9.

my idea ist to skip some seconds between the two advices. But i have to work without addons so i cant use your solution @heartless Zombie

Why do you have to work without addons?

As an alternative to a fixed duration pause, the game could pause until the player presses a key. The extension Basic Screen Effects is built in so you don’t need to install it.

[code]Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.

Instead of examining the photograph for the first time:
say “This reminds you of the summer of '69…”;
wait for any key;
say “… flashback content…”;
wait for any key.[/code]

its for studying and its not allowed to use addons. We got a project to deal with and this was a part of it.

now i used “any key” it workes fine :slight_smile: thx