Defining things with tables - bug in inform7?

I was trying to use the defining things with tables as outlined in the 16.16 chapter of the Inform7 documentation.

Just trying the example in the code “Tour des Maillots”, the issue can be seen. In this example “jersey” a kind of thing is defined by a table, however when one looks at the kind index you can see that the attributes “citation” and “year established” are properties of the object kind rather than the jersey kind.

This of course adds overhead to every object in the game and can be seen in a showme of the room in the example. Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround? I tried explicitly setting the attributes on the jersey object, which works only if the table isn’t used to define them.

showme staging area
Staging Area - room
yourself - person
yellow jersey - jersey
polkadot jersey - jersey
green jersey - jersey
white jersey - jersey
singular-named, improper-named; lighted, visited
list grouping key: none
printed name: “Staging Area”
printed plural name: none
indefinite article: none
year established: 0
citation: none
description: none

I don’t know whether this is a bug or intended. I can’t think of a reason for it to work this way, however.

(Adding “A jersey has a number called the year established” does not change the memory layout.)

zarf:- you reported this as a bug in 2016. (It’s 0001965 in the Bug Tracker.)

Well, fine, then :wink:

(I did search through the bug tracker before I posted that comment. Just missed that entry. It’s a big list.)

Thanks for the feedback.

I tried to get a user for the bug site, but haven’t received a reply to my signup as yet.

Two years with no updates, I guess I won’t wait for a fix. I was hoping that there would be some workaround.
It is just a resource issue in any case.