Default Sky descr. Can it be changed? *Resolved*

I’m not technically a newbie to TADS. But it’s been about a thousand years since I did anything with I.F. so I’m relearning EVERYTHING. It’s all ‘very familiar.’ So, that said, my apologies for asking the basic stuff here.

There is a default object in the “outdoor room” locations. (2 technically.) The one I’m wanting to alter is the sky. “The sky looks normal” is not what I’m wanting the player to read. Sky in my Chtuloidian realm is not normal but I’d like to have one override for all outdoor room locations instead of trying to have a special method for each individual location. Truth be told I’m having problems doing even that. So, I’m asking for a little hand holding… again… sorry.

I have looked. The ‘defaultsky’ object and the sky object in the outdoorroom is mentioned but never adequately discussed as to how to change it’s description. So far as I can find. Thus I send a please and a thank you for any clues you can give me.

Much appreciated.

- Selva
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Oh, that’s easy, defaultSky (which is a roomPart of OutdoorRoom) is an ordinary object like any other thus you can modify it:

modify defaultSky desc = "Replaced sky. " ;

For general discussion see chapter Replacing and modifying objects at

When you intend to replace for one or two rooms, then you can do something like:

[code]mySky: Distant, RoomPart
"Replaced sky. "

OutdoorRoom ‘my room’
"There is a special sky in this room. "

roomParts = static inherited - defaultSky + mySky
// or alternatively
// roomParts = [defaultGround, mySky]


Or even make a new room class with similar modification and use it for bunch of rooms.

Thank you very much. I realize that’s an easy one. But I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to find the details on how exactly TO do it. Both I and my stylist truly appreciate the help!!!