Default behavior for something being under something else?

There doesn’t appear to be, but just in case I missed it in my search… is there default behavior for something being under something else? Is there a ‘kind’ that’s Inform7’s go-to for this? An anti-supporter? I can hand-code this just fine, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking some basic functionality.

From the Standard Rules:

The standard Inform world model does not have a concept of things being under other things, so this action is only minimally provided by the Standard Rules, but it exists here for traditional reasons (and because, after all, LOOK UNDER TABLE is the sort of command which ought to be recognised even if it does nothing useful). The action ordinarily either tells the player he finds nothing of interest, or reports that somebody else has looked under something.

The usual way to make this action do something useful is to write a rule
like ‘Instead of looking under the cabinet for the first time: now the
player has the silver key; say …’ and so on.


This is my strategy for my WIP:

Book 1 - Turn off look behind and under

Understand "look behind [something]" as looking under;

Check looking under (this is the block looking under rule):
	say "[We] [do] not need to look under or behind things in this game." instead;