Deepen the Status Line

I seem to be having a problem of my own with “deepen the status line”. There was a thread about the status line from late 2012 in which Zarf quotes the following code:

Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.

The Kitchen is a room. 

Rule for constructing the status line:
   deepen the status line to 3 rows.

When I run this code, I can only execute one or two commands before the game hangs and stops accepting input. Anybody have a thought on why this might be? Has anyone experienced anything like it before?

I’m running Inform7 6G60 for OSX, and I’ve got built-in version 7 of Emily Short’s “Basic Screen Effects”.


Several Mac users (but by no means all of us) have reported this symptom, with no common factor except MacOS. See for example.

Could you compile and test your game on Mac Gargoyle? I suspect it will work correctly there. is the bug report to track.

Thanks for the suggestion. For what it’s worth: I tested on both Gargoyle (v 2011.1) and Spatterlight (v 0.5.0), and things work correctly. The problem arises in the Inform7 built-in interpreter and Zoom (v 1.1.5).

The problem seems to be in VM_StatusLineHeight(depth); Any depth greater than 1 causes the game window to freeze.


VM_StatusLineHeight itself is implemented differently depending on whether you compile to Z or to Glulx. If you’re lucky, perhaps the freezing only occurs in Z-projects?

I re-tested that code sample, and it doesn’t freeze for me in either Z-code or Glulx. (MacOS 10.8.3.) Also tested in Mac Zoom 1.1.5 and Gargoyle.

The problem I am seeing is in the package in I7-6G60-OSX.dmg. It’s the Mac OS X Inform IDE. Maybe there is an issue with the NSScrollView or related?


FWIW: The zblorb freezes for me when tested on Zoom 1.1.5. The zblorb does not freeze with Gargolye. The gblorb does not freeze with either Zoom or Gargoyle.

Which version of MacOS?

The zblorb froze for me in Zoom 1.1.5 on MacOS 10.8.3.