Decline in forum usage?

it looks like the “new” has worn off already. :slight_smile:

I haven’t had much to post lately, and that seems to be true of everybody else, too. I even find myself checking for new posts a lot less often, now that there aren’t many new posts.

So, what’s everybody up to these days? I’ve been swamped with work, personally.

I’ve not been a frequent poster here or even over at the Adrift forum. Been far too busy trying to get my IFComp entry ready.

Everybody’s probably just busy working on each of their projects. It’s like the Christmas rush, I guess. :wink:

Still working on non-IF Comp projects, futzing with CSS to make the Hugo CHM look better than it does currently. I’m also transitioning into a different line of work.

I’ve had a period of total disinterest, in terms of having no incentive to open a game file. This was a shame as I have had a two week break from work that should have given me an excuse to do something, and I won’t have so much time for months now.

It is also true that the lack of activity on a forum tends to be self-fulfilling as there is nothing to inspire a reply, so nothing for others to reply to.

I keep meaning to get round to posting loads of topics, but most of the time I can never find anything to post about. I suppose I could flood the board with “what games are you writing now?” topics like I tend to do on the Adrift forum :slight_smile: but with so few people here, I don’t think the topic would last very long.

What have I been doing? Fixing my IFComp entry of yet more bugs. Writing the huge game that’s been in my siggie. Trying to get a game together for the commercial idea. Waiting with a high level of anticipation for the IFComp, though also a slight dread at just how many people will have entered an Inform 7 game without bothering to learn Inform 7 beyond the basics first.

As long as there’s no game like the one from “FutureGame Corporation” again, it should be okay. (I hope.)

I personally don’t share the hate towards Future Game.

(Then again, I see it more as Sycamora Tree, reduced to the essentials, rather than RPG, reduced to the essentials.)

I haven’t been by here in awhile, but then I haven’t had time to hang out at the ADrift forum either, so don’t feel bad.

I don’t hate the game - I just don’t like its brevity. Maybe if it included a couple more steps before winning, I might’ve liked it :smiley:

I don’t think Future Game was meant to be worthwhile as a game; I took it as commentary on computer game advertising.

Reread the opening text to the game, and compare it to a few ads. FutureGame lists several features, similar to those seen in advertisements, all of which it satisifies, but it has no merit as a game.

Adding a few extra choices would have ruined the point.

I saw Future Game as a satire. It failed to meet my criterions for being a good IF comp game indeed, but because I enjoyed its statement I still awared it a four.

I just played Sycamora Tree. You’re right. It’s satire indeed.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

:laughing: I relate !

I’m also interested in what kinds of games get submitted for CreatureComp. It is kind of aimed at first-timers, so I am planning to be a bit relaxed about the judging …

Maybe the site would be more successful if didn’t look dead.

Yeah, that’s something.

The main URL could (and probably should) point directly to the forum.