Death off the Cuff release 4 - Live Free or Cuff Hard

I just can’t stop working on this game! Release 4 is now available, with some major new features:

  • New cover art by Rikard (Trumgottist on the forums).
  • Implicit object and topic interaction. The player can now both examine and talk about objects, and abstract topics, by simply typing the name of the object. Typing the name of an unexamined object will examine the object. Typing the name of an examined object, or an abstract topic, will talk about the object/topic. The “examined” status of an object will, of course, reset when the object description changes.
  • The game now includes an interactive tutorial, designed to familiarize new players with the modes of interaction.
  • The usual fixing of typos, grammatical errors, and so forth.

Coming soon:

  • In-game illustrations.
  • Android and Kindle releases.