Death off the Cuff - Post Competition release

A post competition release of Death Off the Cuff is now available. This contains several new features based on the feedback i have received from the reviewers. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write a review :slight_smile:.

The new features are:

  • Abstract topics. Yes, you can now talk about the murder, the victim, the time of death and so on, without being told that it isn’t there.
  • The player now has to tear off peoples facial hair himself if he thinks it is fake. Careful, though. If you are wrong too many times people might stop taking you seriously.
  • Major objects will no longer pop into existence when it is time to examine them. Uniforms, shirts and noses will be present from the start. Some minor details will still appear along the way, but the NPC will always be doing something to reveal them.
  • Fixed numerous typos and grammatical errors.
  • The player can now choose to give up and leave the hotel by typing a compass direction and answering yes.
  • The player can also, more interestingly, “solve” the game by confessing to the murder himself.

Excellent! The lack of the first and third things on that list was more or less my only complaint with the game, which I otherwise really liked. These improvements sound like they’ll put Death Off the Cuff solidly into “recommend it to my friends” territory for me.

I didn’t write a review, but just looking at this list of changes, I really want to try the new things in the game, because I just want to see what the characters do.

It’s been neat to see writers updating their work so soon after the competition’s over, regardless of where they placed. The dedication is impressive. It makes me realize I could have given more feedback. Guess I’ll try to start judging earlier next year.

EDITED because “regardless of” was originally an unintended backhand compliment. Ouch.

Sweet! Those all sound like excellent improvements.