Death off the Cuff now available for iOS! … d788712929

Death off the Cuff is now available on iTunes! This release utilizes Andrew Plotkins open source iOSGlulxe framework, modified to allow for unlocking the illustrations in a separate tab. Buy it before your neighbor!

Was it hard to get up and running? I keep meaning to iOS Make It Good, but haven’t got round to it.

(Awesome, btw)



Well, I used iOS Glulxe, which technically allows you to just replace replace the .ulx file and compile. There are a few more hoops to jump through, but as long as your game is text-only the documentation pretty much walks you through it.

The real challenge was figuring out what to do with the illustrations, as the “Game” tab in the iOS Glulxe app can only display text. I managed to have the game write state information to a file, which can then be read from another tab, and used to display the pictures that the player has unlocked so far. I actually kinda like having all the pictures available for easy viewing like this, so it all turned out alright in the end :slight_smile:.

Pocket Tactics just posted an in-depth review of the game (by a Masters of Science in philosophy, no less)! While the reviewer had mixed feelings about the experience, he does praise Zarf’s iOS interface, and mentions that the parser was “less burdensome than I expected.” I think this indicates that there is hope for parser based games on mobile devices.