Death Number Four: last lousy point?

I’ve managed to win Death Number Four, but with only 4 out of 5 points. I’ve gotten points for

  1. fixing the cask
  2. entering the boat safely
  3. getting the magnet
  4. hooking the stick to the magnet

Does anyone know what the final point is? Or is it maybe a trivial bug? I tried looking at the source, but nothing turned up.

Hint 1. It involves the police station
Hint 2. It involves giving something to the inspector
Hint 3. It involves giving something unusual to the inspector
Solution. Give the knife to the inspector.

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I tried giving random stuff to people but nothing happened.

It makes total sense now, since I hadn’t used the knife for anything yet.

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It’s hinted at in-game. You know from the storyline that you have been resurrected for some purpose. If you EXAMINE KNIFE, it tells you that it’s ‘the object capable of bringing you to existence’, so it’s worth finding out more about this object. If you ASK BARMAN ABOUT KNIFE, he suggests that “…The Inspector’ll be real keen on getting it back…”

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