DC Area Interactive Fiction Developers?

Hello, everyone! I’m a digital archivist at DC Public Library in Washington, DC and I’m interested in putting together an online interactive fiction exhibit/collection. I’ve had some trouble finding people to talk to about this, since indie game repositories don’t really have the ability to filter by location. I know this message is out of the blue, but I was wondering - if any of you have been using Twine or something similar, and have even a tangential relationship with the DC metro area (or know someone else that fits the bill), I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

Hi. There is a DC/Baltimore IF group, and they might be relevant – see the meet-up thread on this forum:


I am based overseas for the moment, but will be moving back to Rockville, MD at the start of August. I’d be happy to chat online or via video (noting that I’m 7 hours ahead of Eastern time for the time being).

  • Jack