Datalexic's IFComp 2021 Reviews

Hi everyone, I’m excited to contribute some reviews, which are now up on this blog post. Warning: the reviews may contain spoilers!

As I’ve done the last couple of years, I played through a bunch of choice-based games listed at 1 hour or less. One difference this time is that I only continued with a game if I liked the first five minutes or so, which means that I didn’t review games where I bounced off early based on presentation, writing, vibes, or some other (possibly arbitrary) reason. I did this both to be fair—maybe a game is just not for me—and to keep this amazing annual experience enjoyable.

Games covered:
The Golden Heist by George Lockett & Rob Thorman
A Papal Summons, or The Church Cat by Bitter Karella
we, the remainder by Charm Cochran
Fine Felines by Felicity Banks
Weird Grief by Naomi Norbez
The Dead Account by Naomi Norbez
How it was then and how it is now by Pseudavid
Funicular Simulator 2021 by Tom Leather and Mary Goodden
Universal Hologram by Kit Riemer
The Waiting Room by Billy Krolick

Longer games that I started, was intrigued by, and want to play further if I find the time:
A Paradox Between Worlds by Autumn Chen
Goat Game by Kathryn Li