Data lost

I was working on a project for my school. I had created a huge Twine project, with many passages. I was very proud of my project and spent over two weeks working on it. Recently, I refreshed the page to speed up my connection, and all the passages had disappeared from my project! Is there a way to recover the lost data?

I’m assuming you’re using the online version of Twine, correct?

Refreshing the page shouldn’t cause you to lose anything. The data is stored in “localStorage” in your browser. That should only get cleared if you delete your cookies and such in most browsers.

Have you tried closing the window and then re-opening Twine?

If that doesn’t work, if you’ve published your project to an HTML file at any point, you can import that HTML into Twine and pick up from that point.

Generally speaking, it’s highly recommended you make periodic backups of any project. In Twine you can use the “Archive” button on the left of the main Twine window to make a backup of all of your stories.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: