D'Arkun Hint Needed (Spoilers here)

I’m playing D’Arkun and loving it, but I need a hint.
I’ve looked at the hint page for the game, and I see that there’s a village that I probably need to go to, but I don’t know how I should know about that. I’ve been all over the town, and to the cave, and to the rock, and gotten through the bone door, and I’ve read through everything again. The only mention of a village I can find is a nameless one in the diary, but am I supposed to know that that’s a different place than the town? I think I am missing something, and I feel I can’t progress unless I understand how I should know about that, because it never in a million years would have occurred to me that a village was different than a town. Can someone show me what I’m missing so I can keep playing?

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Did you gain access to the secret map? It might have been on there…

Is that the drawing in the book? Or is there a whole other map that I haven’t found yet? Because examining the drawing in the book hasn’t yielded any clues.

There is a pdf that comes with the download (or can be accessed on the screen when you click play). To open it you need a password, and you get that password somewhere in game (I don’t remember where). It sounds like you’re pretty far so you may have found it. There might be another way to find the village, though

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Hmm. I guess I missed it. Back to going through every location and trying to find what I missed.
This is where I need to STEP AWAY and come back fresh later. Hard to do because I’m digging the game.


I think there are two ways to get to know about the village, both accessible from the same location, which is in the house.

Two hints about which location it is:

It is one from where you can get an overview of things.

It is one where people often store things.

Explicitly, the location is the attic.

Once you are there, remember to examine everything.

More explicitly:

x windows

(This will reveal that the town and the village are separate.)

x floorboards

(This will soon lead to the map Mathbrush mentioned.)

Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m an idiot. I just missed it in the attic. Examining floors, walls, and ceilings is a problem for me. At least half the time, if I’m missing something, it’s because I didn’t examine a floor. The whole X vs search thing is hard for me, too.

Struggling with that evil shard now. I think I’m supposed to put it in the light, but I can’t get any commands to work. I may have to resort to the walkthrough for that.

No worries, some things definitely are easy to miss. In this game, it pays off to examine and search nearly everything.

About the shard: That’s the right idea. There are two ways to use the shard.
You can use the same verb that works for the telescope in the attic (as in, POINT TELESCOPE AT TOWN, POINT TELESCOPE AT VILLAGE, …):


Or, alternatively, there’s a more general verb that expresses what you want to achieve, rather than how you do so:


And there’s another way to overcome the villager:

  1. Examine the villager.

  2. Think about what’s written in the bunch of notes about the villagers.

  3. Explicit solution: PULL ROBE or TAKE ROBE.