Dark Angel game looking for beta testers

Dark Angel, a game developed with the new TADS3 Adv3Lite library, is ready for beta testing.

Dark Angel is an old-school, film-noirish detective story (The Maltese Falcon was not far out of mind as I plotted the game, though the action takes place in the present time).

Though the time-frame is now, the story is told in the past tense.

It’s also a 3rd person narrative. You, the player, guide Harry, the Player Character, as he searches San Francisco for a mysterious woman who then entangles him in a deeper mystery as they search for…well, that would spoil the fun, wouldn’t it?

It’s registered at http://if.game-testing.org/ or email me direct, jerry.o.ford@gmail.com, if you’re interested in receiving a beta test ZIP bundle.