Dark adventures in France

Hi all!

While on vacation in the small town of Issegeac in France, my son and I heard of the theft of an ancient book that had been guarded for generations.

Centuries ago, the region was terrorized by a sinister cult, the Black Sect. A powerful mage expelled them and left a magic tome to safeguard the town in the future. Recently, the last guard had been murdered and the spellbook taken. Now the power of the Black Sect was rising once more.

Undeterred, my son and I started to explore and investigate. We met many helpful townspeople and found secrets hidden in dark corners. We broke obscure codes, searched tiny nooks and crannies for scraps of barely legible paper and descended into a dank well.

We reached the Black Sect’s headquarters, but unfortunately our adventure was cut short when our vacation ended and we had to return home.

All this to say that I went on holiday to France with my family and my son and I played the first two chapters of the graphic adventure Black Sect.
(La secte noire for Amstrad CPC (1990) - MobyGames. )

We played the English language point’n’click remake from 2012. It features a helpful coloured cursor, an improved hint-system and automatic restore-after-death. It can be found on several abandonware sites which I will not link to directly because of possible shadiness…

It’s really good.

And now I’m off to the SpringThing homepage to gape at the wonderful cover art and read the enticing blurbs. I’ll make my first selection of 5 or 6 games and I’ll be back to report on them in the SpringThing category.

See you there!


We have prevailed!

We have solved the riddles, broken the codes and avoided detection.

Now the Spellbook is back in its rightful place to protect the villagers of Issegeac.

Or is it?