Danse Nocturne - Second Release

[size=150]DANSE NOCTURNE[/size] is an interactive poem that only accepts adverbs. It’s based on one of the legends of Charlemagne and is written in blank verse iambic pentameter. And most importantly of all, if just got a second release! In the original version, the game understood 300 adverbs. Now it understands 1200 adverbs. There’s a load of new endings and it should present a much more robust experience.

I’m waiting for it to be accepted on the if-archive so I can update the IFDB page (from which you will be able to play it in-browser), but if you want to play it now you can download it from here.

If anyone would like to read the annotated source they may find it here. The source contains a massive list of adverbs that could be useful for other projects, so feel free to make use of it!

I actually had this second release almost ready to go back in December but I got sidetracked and only just today realised I’d not got round to wrapping up the last few dozen adverbs and rereleasing.

The game has now been uploaded onto the archive and so you can now play it in your browser.