Danny Dipstick


I am pleased to announce that ‘Danny Dipstick’ is now available for download from itch.io. This is the second of my two entries in ParserComp 2021. It is written in Inform 6 and compiled to z-code, so needs a z-code interpreter to play. Links to some downloadable interpreters are at the bottom of the instructions.

The premise of the game is as follows (from the prologue):

"You’re Danny Dipstick, the sociable single. The only trouble is that all the girls hate you because you’re a dork. Every Saturday night you go to the local nightclub and every time you strike out and end up going home alone.

Tonight is going to be different. After picking up some advice from your neighbour, you vow that tonight is the night that you will meet a nice girl and get her phone number. After that, who knows?"

‘Danny Dipstick’ is a small game with quite a few puzzles and a lot of character interaction packed into a small geography. I think the puzzles are relatively easy and they’re very well hinted. Even so, if you need a hint, you could probably ask here or send me a PM.

When you’ve finished playing, please rate it, then play and rate all the other entries in ParserComp. I’ve tested a few of them, so I know there are some really good games and they are all very different.